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Managing My Cancer

Welcome to the 3 Essential Steps to restore your Mental and Physical well-being before, during and after treatment 


preparing everyone


Healthy Lifestyle:

ensuring your Body has all

 it needs to protect You 


Safe, Clean, Fresh


As we enter the second chapter of Lockdown in the UK, we are all better prepared.

As individuals, we now know what to do and what not to do. We must follow the rules, even if they stretch our powers of belief.

The government must make certain rules to try to keep us all safe

The Medical Bodies in the UK have had 9 months to get to grips with what kind of enemy Covid-19 is and how it attacks. They are in a better place with knowledge than at the beginning of this year. There is no miracle cure, vaccination trials take time to perfect so we must do our best to help ourselves.

What can WE do to help ourselves during the months ahead?

Those of us who have been on the Cancer journey agree the most valuable and positive thing we can do is adjust our habits, in particular our lifestyle habits.

This is all related with 3 Steps Against Cancers – how we approach our future health is relevant to any illness, from a simple cold to a not so simple cancer diagnosis, or chaotic Coronavirus.

I have known of the link between mind and body and how close they work for us for years. Even down to when you stub your toe, you have pain somewhere else in your body etc. It is really revealing with an “Of course! That makes total sense” lightbulb reaction to follow!

We must help them all: Mind, Brain, Body, but …...

Number One on the agenda is our Immune System. I love mine. It was very badly damaged, along with my Nervous System, through chemo. With plenty of TLC it revived and has looked after me ever since.

In the programme I am releasing in January, I’ll share some time on both topics. It is fascinating and the science that has uncovered so much evidence has enabled us to make a good start on the road to a healthy and exciting future.

We also examine what, in your home, can be affecting your health, before and/or after treatment. How to detox and keep clean every room.

I am going to put an abbreviated version on my website 3 Steps Against Cancers during December. Please watch out for details on Managing My Cancer facebook page.

Be safe and don’t let any of what is happening spoil your chance to be creative, inquisitive and full of life.


You know where I am – just email for a chat or a question; always happy to chat!!

The thoughts, research and recommendations from a group of people who first met whilst undergoing chemotherapy, with invaluable contribution from Medical Experts and their Cancer Care Team  

Every effort has been made to ensure the information imparted is complete and accurate. However, the author is not engaged in rendering professional advice or services to the client. The ideas, procedures and suggestions offered by the author are taken from personal experiences and input from medical professionals; they are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician. All matters regarding health require medical supervision. The author shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage allegedly arising from any information suggested in this Document.


All personal information relayed to the author will be totally confidential and not shared with any third party without the express authorisation of the client

Our Mission: to de-mystify completely all that is and surrounds cancer, in all its forms – to push government and medical bodies to give patients more information on alternative ways to prevent and eradicate cancer; to have more involvement when discussing their treatments.