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preparing everyone


Healthy Lifestyle:

ensuring your Body has all

 it needs to protect You 

Welcome to the 3 Essential Steps to control your Mental and Physical well-being before, during and after treatment 

This Site is upgrading and will soon be full of new and exciting features, including a totally new course that is science based but easy to follow for all the family. Please visit my facebook page managing my cancer for updates. See you soon!

Keep safe 

The pursuit of happiness has been an on-going activity, as old as the human race. We read those reports that value the happiest places on earth, wondering, "What's their secret?"

It has become a form of Scientific research that has been work-in-progress, defining and measuring happiness for years. They've learned a lot about what influences individual happiness — and it's not necessarily wealth.

One large study that evaluated the emotional well-being of more than 450,000 people found that their happiness increased along with their annual income, but only until they reached £75,000. Once they met their basic needs, higher incomes didn't mean greater happiness.

There are people to whom, for various reasons (lifestyle, family, charitable donations), £75,000 is not enough. They want to do so much more for others, so cannot be happy at this low price.

Go to my Blog page and see how these 4 practices can increase your happiness, helping you feel more joy and happiness in your daily life.

We all love a good bonfire to bake potatoes, roast chestnuts etc, BUT --- Please be vigilant - no bbq-ing hedgehogs. Check before firing up.
Spiny Norman and his relatives are becoming rarer and rarer. Let's look after them.👁️👁️


Safe, Clean, Fresh


The thoughts, research and recommendations from a group of people who first met whilst undergoing chemotherapy, with invaluable contribution from Medical Experts and their Cancer Care Team  

Our Mission: to de-mystify completely all that is and surrounds cancer, in all its forms – to push government and medical bodies to give patients more information on alternative ways to prevent and eradicate cancer; to have more involvement when discussing their treatments.