Managing My Cancer

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Welcome to the 3 Essential Steps to restore your Mental and Physical well-being before, during and after treatment 

3 Steps Against Cancers was created in 2010, when 5 chemotherapy patients (including myself) transformed our experiences with cancer into a positive way forward for each of us, from the time of diagnosis, through treatment. From an initial list of around 10 steps, we decided on 3 that for us, were the most important and immediately relevant.

Developing these 3 Steps helped us take control, starting with our Mindset, re-educating and changing old thoughts and beliefs by introducing new concepts that we could adhere to for the future. 


We then moved on to our Healthy Lifestyle, researching the foods we should – or should not - be eating. This was a challenge as, here again, we had been brought up on a diet of satisfaction to brain and taste buds, at a time when there was no research or resulting data on what can be seriously dangerous foods to our bodies. 

 We had to make sure our living Environments were as clean and fresh as possible, to minimise the risk of any attacks on our Immune Systems from bugs, dust, in fact any foreign body that could put us at risk when we got home. 

As we worked with the Steps and developed them to suit our personal conditions – we talked with friends, as did our families, about our 3 Steps and results. We were approached by people who had heard about our new way of life. As we got more and more feedback, we found ourselves being asked about our process and solutions and how could it work for them? We began helping others, either diagnosed themselves, or knowing someone with cancer, starting on their journeys.

The doors will soon be open for our 2021 Program 'The 3 Essential Steps against Cancer'. 
At the bottom of  3 Essential Steps page is an introductory video giving outlined topics to the Program; if you have any questions before the start date, please contact us:

The thoughts, research and recommendations from a group of people who first met whilst undergoing chemotherapy, with invaluable contribution from Medical Professionals and Cancer Care Team  

Every effort has been made to ensure the information imparted is complete and accurate. However, the author is not engaged in rendering professional advice or services to the client. The ideas, procedures and suggestions offered by the author are taken from personal experiences and input from medical professionals; they are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician. All matters regarding health require medical supervision. The author shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage allegedly arising from any information suggested in this Document.


All personal information relayed to the author will be totally confidential and not shared with any third party without the express authorisation of the client

Our Mission: to de-mystify completely all that is and surrounds cancer, in all its forms – to push government and
medical bodies to give patients more information on alternative ways to prevent and eradicate cancer; to have more involvement
when discussing their treatments.