These 3 Steps go together - the 1 - 2 - 3 essential tools we discovered that we worked with each day and noticed subtle, beneficial changes.

Following our plan was simple but not easy; we really needed all our willpower and support from each other. It made life easier for us, as well as our families and friends and enabled us to stay in control.

Master the 3 Steps and discover many new and exciting avenues to health


How do you change and develop Your Mindset? Simple but not Easy - Education. This is so relevant to your whole life, not just when you are faced with an obstacle such as cancer.

Take control of your situation – don’t let it take control of you! Losing control can feel very frightening and right now you need strength and knowledge.

Ensure everyone around you is aware of each aspect of treatment and recovery, so they can help, without feeling scared, overly attentive or out of their depth

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As with Mindset, Education is paramount to establish a better, healthier lifestyle.  

It is vital for adults and children alike to be more aware of the possible effects of fatty, fast foods and irregular eating habits.

You have worked on your mind, now your body needs some serious consideration and TLC.

You may already have a workout routine, a healthy diet. Great!

If not, there is no time like the present to start. Walking, swimming, exercise classes - local groups etc

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Your best environments will depend on what sort of person you are and how you are feeling, both mentally and physically.

You may find new challenges arising. Many different emotions begin to surface

after treatment, which can be as much of a surprise to you as to those around you.

This is natural - your body has been through a great deal and may react in a dramatic way - or not! Listen to your body, don't ignore the signals. 

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