About Us...

My Father was a lovely, charismatic, ex-RAF Battle of Britain pilot, shot down more than once but survived; Sadly, he could not beat cancer.

Because of his diagnosis I started researching all I could about the disease. This was in the early 1980s, so information was scarce and inaccurate. I followed all the trials, research as it improved and developed.

Exactly 30 years to the month after my Father's diagnosis, I found I breast cancer and started to develop my program for others, based on my experiences and continued research.

3 Steps Against Cancers was created from my journal and conversations between a group of patients, whilst undergoing chemotherapy together.

With input from our Cancer Care Team professionals, this developed into a book and adapted as a guide for others, to help them better understand the different elements of their treatment and how to best prepare for this journey.

I spoke with patients in treatments at the Cancer Centres (with permission!) and their families/friends, wanting to learn from them about their journeys. It was a humbling experience but so rewarding.


Support is paramount at this time and I developed the program for those diagnosed to include family members to develop their skills and take responsibility for their support; those of us who have been through this as a voyeur, knows how frustrating it is watching a loved one in this situation, knowing there was nothing you could do but BE THERE. Here everyone has their own role and takes it on conscientiously with love, knowing what they do is vital work.


As a Coach / Mentor I work with the patient, family members or friends on this program, which also gives a unique opportunity to develop knowledge on the pathway to peak health


 This is not a long book, but was written from my journal whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment. I kept a diary of events, recording everything; we discussed our notes and made some suggestions, decisions and that is how the journal came about and then the book.

 A set of leaflets has been produced, written by experts in their fields, designed to guide those with cancer, just diagnosed, their families and friends, to better prepare and influence the situation they find themselves in.

 With expert medical advice and guidance, along with my own experiences, you will get an inside view of the process(es) that could be your journey.

 Use it as a road map and think of us as your SatNav - if you need directions contact us by email from here or via Facebook page - We've been there, we want to help you and your family, or someone you know.

With these steps you can not only find answers for yourself, but provide a legacy for your children, grandchildren and future generations. protecting them from the epidemic that is obesity, diabetes we are now experiencing on a global scale