About Us...

It sounds strange to say, but I am grateful for my Father's cancer. Of course, it was not what I would have wished; he was a lovely, charismatic, ex-RAF Battle of Britain pilot, shot down more than once but survived; Sadly, he could not beat cancer.

Because of his diagnosis I started researching all I could about the disease. This was in the early 1980s, so information was scarce and inaccurate. I followed all the trials, research as it improved and developed.

Exactly 30 years to the month after my Father's diagnosis, I contracted breast cancer and started to develop my programme for others based on my experiences and continued research.

3 Steps Against Cancers was created from my journal and conversations between a group of patients, whilst undergoing chemotherapy.

With input from our Cancer Care Team professionals, this was developed into a book and adapted as a guide for others, to help them better understand the different elements of their treatment and how to best prepare for this journey.

I invaded many Cancer Centres (with permission!) to talk with those being treated and their families/friends, wanting to learn from them about their journeys. It was a humbling experience but so rewarding.


I developed a program for those diagnosed, carers/family members to develop their skills and take responsibility for their support, as well as creating a health legacy for future generations


I coach carers (family members or friends) on this program, as well as many people as possible with the program which also gives a unique opportunity to be a legacy for future generations who will develop knowledge on the pathway to peak health

Additionally, we have available professional guides:

  • to handling sleep problems and getting a good night’s sleep – necessary at any time, but vital now to boost energy and strength.

  • making stress work for, not against us.

  • advice on visits to your GP - equally applicable when meeting with your Oncologist/Surgeon/Other for any procedure and was compiled by a highly experienced, clinical nurse who spent years working with these specialists and their patients

  • Updates on research of alternative and complimentary treatments (monthly subscriptions providing latest news).

  • which foods to eat and not eat - keeping healthy, fit and active (mentally and physically) throughout.