This is not a long book, but was written from my journal whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment. I kept a diary of events, recording everything; we discussed our notes and made some suggestions, decisions and that is how the journal came about and then the book.

 A set of leaflets has been produced, written by experts in their fields, designed to guide those with cancer, just diagnosed, their families and friends, to better prepare and influence the situation they find themselves in.

 With expert medical advice and guidance, along with my own experiences, you will get an inside view of the process(es) that could be your journey.

 Use it as a road map and think of us as your SatNav - if you need directions contact us by email from here or via Facebook page - We've been there, we want to help you and your family, or someone you know.

With these steps you can not only find answers for yourself, but provide a legacy for your children, grandchildren and future generations. protecting them from the epidemic that is obesity, diabetes we are now experiencing on a global scale

 I'd really love for this to be a best-seller; the profits would go into the life-changing research being done for us and generations to come and allow me to take my message out further to help to a wider audience