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#Chemo vs. Salad - Your Call

The only way to treat and heal is through nutrition, giving our bodies all they need to stimulate repair.

This involves a lifestyle change – a 180° Mindset turn around to undo all the bad habits of the past and create a wonderful, exciting and new diet that is not boring or tasteless; a new way of eating, involving the whole family and setting a legacy for future generations.

Stress, exercise and diet promote health or disease.

All these conditions can be related to our ancestors' existence:

They had short-term stress e.g. if confronted by a Sabre tooth tiger; whether they got away or it ate them, stress was short lived!

They were always exercising: getting away from the tiger or taking it home for dinner

They ate what the land provided, so a well-balanced diet with no overeating or added ingredients.

Just by changing their diet and feeding their body with the right nutrients, many people have reversed chronic heart disease conditions, lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol, and shrunk their tumours to nothing.

The medical view of cancer is that it is linear: when a cancerous tumour is detected, it can only go in one direction; it will grow and spread all over your body. But, the latest clinical research has proven that to be so wrong.

Our body can heal. It’s called ‘Spontaneous Regression’. The body has created it; the body can heal it.

We just need to give our body what it needs: the proper nutrients and TLC and it will look after us.

"If it’s man-made, don’t eat it!"

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