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Is Cancer the REAL Villain?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

If Food is So Essential for Us to Live, why is it killing us?

Just 4 words: Our FAST FOODS Lifestyle

We live in such a fast-moving world today, it seems impossible, timewise, for many people to cook meals at home, so takeaways and ping foods (microwave meals) have become the norm.

Fast food is far more than just the burgers, fries, and kebabs served in takeaway bars and high street restaurants; it is also the toxic, processed (human-engineered) products available on the shelves in every supermarket and corner shop. These include: cold breakfast cereals; (deli) meats and cheeses; sandwich breads and buns; crisps, fried foods; so-called healthy energy bars; and soft drinks. How many of us really know every ingredient that goes into our Chinese, curry, kebab or Chicken Buckets?

OUR BODIES CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE. Our immune systems cannot cope with the amount of poison we are consuming and so the above conditions explode.

Fast food kills; it is creating millions of medically dependent and sick people; many on a very low budget, who eat this food as it is cheap; most of whom will be on medication for the rest of their lives. It contains no nutritional value, despite the claims of some manufacturers on their marketing posts.

This is Strong stuff, and scary, but we need a wake-up call; our GPs cannot help us as they must follow strict guidelines when someone is diagnosed. During their training they are not taught about the ‘science’ of healthy living (Nutrition) by consuming fresh, organic foods and the amazing benefits they hold for us.

When people diagnosed ask if they should change their diet, often the reply is “No, eat whatever you want”! Even in the chemo suite, where refreshment trolleys are wheeled around, the sugar laden snacks, soft drinks and processed meat sandwiches, are seen to be acceptable for all. Donuts, chocolate bars, crisps etc – everything was allowed as it was seen to be giving energy to the patients!

It is causing havoc with our Immune System, we are more susceptible to viruses, as is being witnessed with Covid-19. This is why, in part, overweight or obese people are on the highly vulnerable list.

There is a simple answer. Simple, yes, but not easy. It is not expensive, anyone can do it and it can create a wonderful legacy for future generations. I shall explain all in my Online Program in January.

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