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Oxygen + Water = LIFE (1. Breathing)

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These are, without doubt, the 2 most essential ingredients for human life. We need both each and all day. And yet….

1. Breathing; – our relationship with it and the pollutants that are affecting our ability to breathe to live

Oxygen is the absolute essential element to sustain life. Just a few minutes without oxygen can kill people or damage their brains. It is also the No. 1 essential ingredient to the healing process

There are not many of us who actually THINK about breathing; – it just happens, as does our heart beating; we take it all for granted

I have, for years been advocating the phrase “Listen to your Body”. This was particularly relevant when my body told me I had cancer, some time before the diagnosis and biopsy did.

Pollutants in the air aren't always visible and come from many different sources.

This has had an enormous impact on our very existence. But, despite knowing about this, we have been very slow to address its implications to our health and that of our planet. Why have we been so slow to pay attention to declarations concerning the diseases these pollutants are causing (or influencing), and are costing a lot more in medical care than changing our ways would?

I do wonder, now we have concrete evidence of the effects of pollution expelled into the air so we can keep warm, watch Corrie and drive to work, how and why it has taken so long for anything to happen, during which time thousands have died needlessly.

Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is the main pollutant that is warming Earth. Although living things emit carbon dioxide when they breathe, carbon dioxide is widely considered to be a pollutant when associated with cars, planes, power plants, and other human activities that involve the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline and natural gas. In the past 150 years, such activities have pumped enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to raise its levels higher than they have been for hundreds of thousands of years.

I don’t want to start a political debate, but we must realise we are all responsible for ourselves and the planet upon which we depend. We must revisit how we prioritise our actions or

; we cannot lay all the blame on governments, just most of it, as we do! There is a lot we can do physically, along with petitioning and challenging governmental bodies to make it happen.

Whilst reviewing my book “Cancer! Why Me!”, I came to the pages describing my body’s reactions to chemotherapy. I had had my first session. The next morning, I felt fine so, as always, went jogging with my dog. Within seconds, I was in agony, hugging a tree to hold myself upright. The sharp pain in my lungs was sudden as was the feeling of suffocation. I could not breathe and started choking. There was no one around and for a few seconds I was convinced I was going to suffocate. I managed to control the choking and made myself breathe short breaths. When this worked, I started slow, deeper breaths until I could stand upright and get home with bemused dog in tow! This passed in a couple of days but left my lungs sore.

I contacted a good family friend who was a Consultant Respiratory Physician at the London Bridge Hospital and she gave me some ideas on exercises, especially during chemo, and others to keep the lungs fully expanded.

These exercises are simple and can be done at any time. They are also great for lessening feelings of stress. You can find a few I used successfully in Breath and Water blog 3

I had never had any respiratory problems before chemo but, by using these exercises regularly, I can give my lungs a great workout!

Always consult your GP first

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