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#You Have Cancer! Here's the Good News!

Eat bright, coloured foods - where the nutrients are!

The cancer death rate may have tripled in the last 100 years, and it is no coincidence that during this time, our diet of processed and man-made foods has had a massive influence on the numbers.

We remain malnourished as we continue to stuff ourselves with fats, carbs and proteins – starving ourselves of the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micronutrients, as well as anti-oxidants and micro-nutrients found in fruits and vegetables that support the body’s ability to heal us and work for us at 110% level.

We are polluting our bodies with artificial chemicals, flavourings, colourings, textures and our bodies do not know how to deal with these toxins.

Sadly, most research has only gone in one direction: to improve cancer drugs. Refining the cocktails of chemo drugs prescribed. Pharma companies produce and promote immuno-Suppressants to the exclusion of all else. Why? It is a fact that they are cancer boosting. Pharma drugs do not heal, they just mask and lessen symptoms, short term; ensuring we have to keep going back for more


we know all this so we can re-adjust many parts of our lifestyle and create the ideal environment for our bodies to heal us. We can now decide for ourselves how we want to be treated.

Cancer is no longer something to be feared, it can be manipulated and eradicated. You do not have to rush to decisions. Take your time and make the choice that you are happy with. However, discuss your thoughts and feelings with your doctor.

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